We are a creative company independently operating out of Brisbane, Australia. We make video games and various other creative projects including film, sound and music. Our focus is on the production and distribution of digital media, though we are known to engage in physical and social projects as well. The challenge of a creative company is describing what it does without placing limitations. Our limitation is that we are organic, and human. Beyond that is limited to our imagination.

In March we released the Oculus Rift compatible virtual reality horror game Montas. Response from the community has been tremendous and most of our time is dedicated to this project. Through Steam Early Access we are able to freely experiment with features and techniques which we believe is a necessary component in building a horror game. Look out for Update #7 it will be a big one. While we continue to update the Early Access version (Built with Unreal Engine 3), undisclosed development is underway on the final version of the game in Unreal Engine 4.